Subconscious Golf Battles You Must Win – Classic “Late Hit” Defined

Once light is shed on what REALLY needs to happen at impact between the club face and the ball, then the once odd-unnatural-“illogical” movements that make up a dependable golf swing can be accepted by the mind and only then can you make progress with the physical part of the game.

Pay attention here – you are on the verge of transforming your game – I promise you!

A. “AJ Bonar, Moment (Arm) of Truth in Golf, 2018 Be Better Golf
Watch 7:45 to 12:50 mark

B. “AJ Bonar Teaches How to Make Golf Impact, Be Better Golf
Watch 4:00 – 11:15 mark
SPECIAL attention to 7:00 – 8:45 mark

C. “AJ Bonar, Truth About the Moment of IMPACT in Golf
> top of club face goes faster than bottom at and through impact.
Watch 5:40 – 11:00
SPECIAL attention 8:00 – 9:15 mark AND 11:00 -12:30*

*The 11-12:30 mark is what the “late hit” technique dynamics are all about:

  • That is, in order to hit the ball straight the club face must be slightly open at first-impact which imparts a slight slice-effect torque on the ball…
  • …which is countered by the face’s toe then outpacing the heel to impart a draw-effect torque on the ball to counter the initial first-impact slice-effect.
  • These countering slice-then-draw forces cancel each other for a ball that flies straight.
  • With this exact understanding of what happens at impact…
  • …you can see why Peter Croker and I teach a technique involving throwing the right heel pad at the ball and feeling that orientation nearly all the way up until the last micro second before impact
  • …which keeps the face ever so slightly open at first-impact even while the right elbow is slightly bent and making first-impact with that club face slightly open creating the ball’s initial slice-torque.
  • The bent right elbow at first-impact is the core factor in delaying the hit!
  • The “late hit” occurs as the right elbow straightens through impact…
  • …that elbow-straightening action leads automatically to the right thumb pad catching up to the right heel pad which translates to the toe outpacing the heel to create the draw-torque which counters the initial first-impact slice-torque!
  • Click here for my video where I present that right hand action; start at the 22:12 mark.
  • For “late hit” training drills click here for my video; start at 33:45 mark.

After you REALLY take the time to digest the content of the video segments above, then when you

A to B: Throw club head heel-first on inside-to-out path to ball “B”.

…then you will see that the concepts and movements actually make A LOT of sense…and

…then you’ll be able to make the unnatural become natural.

For instance, throwing the heel-hosel at the ball from the top of the backswing seems to be a ridiculous concept!

  1. But throwing the heel at the ball [as demonstrated in my video to the left], is the direction of hit that is required for the “late hit” dynamics.
  2. That “direction of throw” incites the instinctive sequence of kinesiology events in the left forearm-wrist that automatically create the impact dynamics laid out in the AJ Bonar videos above!
  3. And that direction of throw keeps the right hand’s heel pad on an inside-to-out “karate chop” line to the ball that
  • holds off the right forearm from rotating-rolling too early thus allowing the right elbow to come into the ball slightly bent so that it can straighten through impact for power and stability; this is the “late hit” feeling everyone has heard about but only eludes to!
  • articulates the upper right arm such that it “bumps” into the upper right pectoral area and starts to PUSH the body open in sync with the arms; in this way we create a timing-free initiation of body rotation that is automatically in sync with the arms!

See the right hand action that a) helps initiate timing-free lower body rotation by pushing the body open, b) automatically syncs hands and hips, AND c) creates the “late hit” dynamics required per the counter-intuitive yet proper interaction between club-face and ball at impact described in AJ Bonar video segments above.


The technique my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA-Australia, and I teach, and the way we teach it,

  • has all of the left arm-club shaft alignment and “late hit” angles needed for both maximum impact inertia and ball compression built in.
  • I’ll show you how to generate momentum from a freely swinging club head…
  • …so that your sensory motor system feels-senses that momentum and can reflexively react to CREATE the classic mechanics that will produce the type of legendary ball-striking laid out in the video segments above.
  • Golf Practice Routine – Swing Feel


Let’s make golf a reflex sport!

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