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Golf Practice Routine – Swing Feel

Purposeful practice makes perfect. Our purpose is to make golf a reflex sport where our hands and body react instinctively to the momentum of the swinging club head – this is what golf swing feel is all about.

Free golf training videos reside here so you can see the purpose of our golf practice routines as listed below.  [You’ll see that you can practice golf at home as getting the feel for the club head’s momentum doesn’t require hitting balls]:

  1. Getting the club head to swing with its own momentum.
  2. Developing sensitivity to the club head’s momentum.
  3. Reacting to the club head’s momentum in a way that requires no timing [thought-free and reflexive].
  4. Our fluid chain of reactions to the club head’s momentum creates the mechanics we all seek.

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Free golf training video – This golf backswing creates club head’s OWN momentum:

> MOST folks don’t experience a truly swinging club head & therefore won’t be able to experience a reflex based golf swing.

> Reacting instinctively to the club head’s momentum CREATES the mechanics we seek!

Here’s is my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA Australia, demonstrating our take-back and back sling.

Peter Croker creates club head momentum with his take-back & backswing [2:25 Mark].
START 2:25 mark END 7:19 mark

And here’s my 4-min video demonstrating how we gain “feel” on short game before applying to full shots.

Feel & react to club head momentum on chips before full swings.

Take-back & back-SLING – Creating club head’s own momentum

From my experience now as a golf instructor, and also early-on as a student learning how to become a ball-striker, it is intuitive to guide the club head back from the ball.

However, a counter-intuitive approach is required. That is,

  • the handle must head back first so that the club head lags behind the hands-handle…
  • in a sense the club head is dragged back, not guided or taken back…
    • so that it can then sling back with its own momentum.
      For a reflex-based golf swing, true club head momentum must be created so we can sense and react to that momentum! [7:50 Mark]

This counter-intuitive take-back and back-SLING gets the club head swinging with its own momentum

  • ONLY then can our hands absorb information about the club head’s ever-changing orientation to our body and the ball.
  • ONLY then can the hands-wrists-knees-hips react reflexively and instinctively and fluidly to the club head…
    • to ensure a square-to-target club face through impact, and
    • safe [non-injurious] movement of the body and joints during the swing and especially at impact.

Stated another way, the common intuitive take-back and back swing approach is absolutely counter-productive to purpose of our golf training efforts [that is, our concepts are SO much more than just golf training tips]:

  1. If the contracting [tightening] muscles of the hands-wrists-arms are making the club head go back from the ball, whether quickly or slowly, then the club head won’t be able to gain its own momentum.
  2. If the club head doesn’t have its own momentum, then there is no momentum for the hands to sense!
  3. Therefore, without the club head swinging on its own, there are no stimuli for the wrists-elbows-knees-hips.
  4. If you don’t get the club head slinging back with its own momentum, then you simply won’t be able to make golf a reflex sport…
  5. and you will remain tied to thinking through your golf swing versus reacting reflexively through your golf swing.

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Conclusion – Let’s make golf a reflex sport!

We want to play golf by “enjoying the hit”.

That is, we don’t want to play “golf swing”…we want to hit golf shots.

To do so requires inciting and engaging our instincts so we react reflexively to the momentum of the swinging club head.

This requires the club head to sling back freely with its own momentum versus our misguided intuition to guide and position the club.

So a counter-intuitive approach is needed to create true club head momentum.

This approach requires:

  • A club head last [handle first] take-back that leads to…
  • the club head slinging back with its own momentum.
  • Sensing and reacting to the club head’s OWN momentum is what creates the mechanics we seek.

Once we create club head momentum in this manner, then our amazing instinctive abilities are engaged so we move fluidly [and safely] to consistently square the club face to the target through impact.

I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, let’s learn how to Enjoy The Hit so we play golf by hitting golf shots VERSUS playing golf by “playing golf swing”.

Warm Regards,

Ted Williams, Golf Ball Flight Instructor
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